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Meter Readers

Meter Readers use our platform to read meters, organise their walk order, even perform on the spot hot billing to issue customers bills on the spot for those with suited business models.

Customer Portal customisation

Give your customers “Self Help” This ranges from the simple process of paying your bill through to move in and move out online.

More aware customers enjoy utilising our platform to log requests directly into our platforms workflow. So say goodbye to data double entry, responding to customers email and hello to a fully tracked workflow model.

Mobile ready

Both your meter readers and your customers can enjoy the mobile App. Android Users enjoy the Browser based responsive App with nothing to download or install.

Apple users have the option of either downloading proprietary app suite or running via the browser.

The mobile application suite is being built out this year with the following road mapped enhancements;

Advanced Meter Reading App
Advanced Workflow App – for meter readers and installers
Advanced Billing App – on the spot meter read and bill app
Customer Usage profiling App

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CDRs and UDRs

Telco customers require easy online access to their CDRs, and electricity and water retailers also need to provide their customers associated usage profiles.

With this information consumers can make their own decisions on increasing conservation and efficiency through intelligent and decision making.

Rate Plan Tool

Any rate plan you can find in the Retail market you can replicate with Utilibill’s comprehensive rate plan tool.

Utility users have a cut down rate plan tool which removes all Telecommunications complications in rate plan building.

Telco users have the full billing and rating engine.

Admin configuration Panel

Utilibill embrace customer self enablement. This extends to our utility and Telco customers. One of our key differentiators is that we focus on providing you the tools to make the changes to your bills or customisations to the platform your self.

If your existing providers needs you to log tickets wait 6 months and pay huge project and implementation fees then you need to ask why..