Retail and Wholesale

Multi Tiered, Multi Tennant, Multi Brand.
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    Retail Telcos

    Custom integration Team

    With an internal team of over 50, Many of our Telco customers take up  dedicated resource in our business to ensure out platform continues to follow their strategic roadmap.

    If you are a telco you recognise that integration is not a one time task, system upgrades, enhancements, new web service, perhaps alternative providers, Change in Merchants, Soft switch provider or New multiplay SDN platform redesign all require a platform that is progressive while being supportive of your path ahead.

    Utilibill is your partner

    50 integrations out of the Box

    With 10 years under our belt we know a thing or two about integration. We integrate with most of Australia’s Tier 1 networks for a variety of services.

    Service integrations include; Telstra and OPTUS mobile, fixed and internet, M2, TPG Cloud services, Vonnex, and others. We have you covered with Automated IPND updates also.

    Wholesale / Aggregators

    Australian Market wrapped up

    We are the undisputed market leader in Australia. There are few successful aggregators in the Telco space not using the Utilibill platform.

    It’s no surprise as the platform is purpose built from the ground up for aggregators and wholesalers. We facilitate hundreds of different brands running as virtual telcos over our platforms. We make scaling your wholesale business as easy as possible.

    Branded Customer Portals


    Resellers need to look as big as the  Tier 1 providers, but don’t have the time, money or resource to manage all these intricate platforms for themselves. Utilibill provides a platform not only to manage your wholesale customers. It also provides a skiable customer portal to the ultimate end customers. Ask us to demonstrate automating online payments, and a few of our customer self help functions.

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    Payment IVR

    Customers don’t actually want to talk to you, Unless your market is residential customers that are over 55 or very rural. Today its all about enablement.. Let the customer help themselves, 24×7. With this in mind we provide a fully integrated payment IVR enabling your end customers to pay day and night while you can sleep with the knowledge our realtime processing is keeping your customers outstanding balances 100% accurate.

    IPND integration

    Automated populating and updating of the IPND ensures your customers are safe and secure. When completing Local Number Porting we parse the captured information through to the Number database. This is particularly important for those offering Voice over IP (VoIP) Services in the Australian Marketplace.

    Agents and Commissions

    Managing your agents ensuring they are recognised for there performance is crucial to ensure you keep them growing your business.

    The Utilibill platform offers comprehensive and flexible agents and commissions modules that ensures you can build up comms plans which address both upfront and ongoing reward, but only for customers that have paid their bills..

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    World Class Customer Support

    The Utilibill support team work around the clock from locations in United States, Asia and Australia.

    When you choose Utilibill you are choosing a business that can support you inside and outside of hours.

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